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Wanakarn Beach Resort & Spa

Duration: 00:02:54 | 3440 views

A few moments at Wanakarn Beach Resort & Spa is what it takes to be seduced by this charming Phang nga|hideaway with only 15 guest villas, combining true intimacy with top facilities and the [...]

Cap d'Antibes Beach Hotel

Duration: 00:03:16 | 9351 views

Halfway between Nice and Cannes, in a beautiful setting with the Mediterranean taking centre stage, the Cap d’Antibes Beach is a contemporary architectural jewel. Its minimalist lines are a [...]

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

Duration: 00:18:26 | 699 views

Nestled in a colourfully tropical garden, the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa plunges you into a paradise of unspoilt Bali. Frangipani and ylang-ylang scent fill the bungalow and make it easy to [...]

Monte Carlo Beach

Duration: 00:02:57 | 4469 views

Chic and timeless, since it opened in the 1930s, the Monte Carlo Beach has perpetuated elegance and the art of receiving. Decked out in “Riviera red” the Hotel is a veritable ode to the [...]

Winter Storm watching at The Wickaninnish Inn

Duration: 00:00:49 | 2250 views

While most of Canada lives winter under a blanket of white, the West Coast of Vancouver Island grows green, green, green as it witnesses the fury of howling gales, 20-foot breakers, and enough [...]

Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort

Duration: 00:04:18 | 7310 views

On a stretch of the Brazilian coastline famed for the beauty of its beaches, a series of bungalows standing in an unspoilt natural setting look out at an emerald sea. Your room offers a stunning view [...]

Le Club de Cavalière & Spa

Duration: 00:02:56 | 9905 views

On the French Riviera near Lavandou, the ochre lines of a large Tuscan-style villa rise up out of the dreamy background of the Mediterranean sea. Nestled amongst the maritime pines, bougainvilleas and [...]

Cobblers Cove

Duration: 00:02:18 | 7632 views

Marble floors, painted furniture, antique sofas and cushions embroidered with gold thread: the interiors of Cobblers Cove on Barbados envelop you in English elegance just a few steps away from a fine [...]


Duration: 00:03:09 | 1664 views

An iconic destination for Sydney vacationers, Jonah’s overlooks fabulous “Whale Beach”, one of the most beautiful ocean stretches in Australia. Jonah’s is perched on the cliffs [...]

Wickaninnish Inn

Duration: 00:02:52 | 992 views

The Wickaninnish Inn is situated on a rocky outcrop between the Pacific Ocean, Chesterman Beach, and a forest of giant evergreens. Artists, including the celebrated wood carver Henry Nolla, [...]

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