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Georges Blanc & Spa

Duration: 00:03:18 | 9055 views

Starting with the family inn created in 1872, Georges Blanc, renowned chef and visionary businessman, has built an empire of the senses with its accommodation, its luxury spa, its shops dedicated to [...]

Hameau Albert 1er

Duration: 00:03:27 | 1667 views

At the foot of mont Blanc, Pierre Carrier, Perrine and Grand Chef Pierre Maillet have taken over this hotel, devoted to exceptional cuisine and local delicacies, founded in 1903 by “great [...]

Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons

Duration: 00:03:16 | 8790 views

It is in a sumptuous manor, just outside of Oxford, that the chef Raymond Blanc displays his sensory universe. For him, “if the work itself is transient, the memory of the flavour remains”. In his [...]

Le dîner des Grands Chefs au Château de Versailles

Duration: 00:04:49 | 1199 views

Ce 6 avril 2011 la célèbre galerie des Batailles du château du Roi Soleil a été le cadre d’une soirée à la gloire de la culture et de la [...]

Jiva Hill Park Hotel

Duration: 00:03:01 | 650 views

Modern, architect-designed buildings show off their clean lines in the heart of 80 acres of magnificent parkland. Gaze through the huge picture windows of the guestrooms at a magnificent [...]

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