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Château de Berne

Duration: 00:03:01 | 6010 views

Set in the middle of a luxuriant vineyard, the Château de Berne enjoys a protected estate of 600 hectares where almost 500,000 bottles of wine are produced every year. This wine-growing temple [...]

Château de Bagnols

Duration: 00:03:11 | 3386 views

Like a lord overlooking his domain, the Château de Bagnols sits proudly amongst the Beaujolais vines and lush green hills. Each room, each piece of furniture in this prestigious residence, which [...]

Château d'Audrieu

Duration: 00:03:05 | 10188 views

A journey back in time awaits you at this castle listed as a historic monument. Its first owner, the Lord of Percy, was also William the Conqueror’s personal chef. However, the major historic [...]

Château de Rochegude

Duration: 00:02:47 | 6721 views

The Château de Rochegude, located in the heart of the Provencal Drôme region, dominates majestically the Côtes du Rhône vineyards. The cellars of the Château boast some of the best Côtes du [...]

Le dîner des Grands Chefs au Château de Versailles

Duration: 00:04:49 | 1184 views

Ce 6 avril 2011 la célèbre galerie des Batailles du château du Roi Soleil a été le cadre d’une soirée à la gloire de la culture et de la [...]

Château de Montcaud

Duration: 00:02:57 | 6267 views

Surrounded by botanical gardens of five hectares, a Second Empire residence decorated with wrought iron, sculptured woodwork and brightly coloured materials… In the Château de Montcaud, there are [...]

Château de Mercuès

Duration: 00:02:26 | 5522 views

Staying at this 13th century château overlooking the Lot valley is a truly unique experience: an authentic immersion in the History of France during the Middle Ages. The Chef draws his [...]

Château de la Treyne

Duration: 00:03:08 | 3611 views

The tower is so close to the river that it feels like the Château could almost topple into it… You may feel slightly dizzy when dining on the terrace in lush nature or when you open the [...]

Château de Curzay

Duration: 00:02:58 | 10072 views

Take a hot air balloon ride from the park and survey Vienne’s many Roman buildings from the sky. Climb on board a boat and drift down the Vonne, at the heart of the estate, in search of the [...]

Château de Noizay

Duration: 00:02:45 | 9755 views

1560. In order to live their faith freely, against the Catholics acknowledged as being “legal”, the Protestants planned to remove the young king François II. This was known as the [...]

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