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Domaine des Hauts de Loire

Duration: 00:03:08 | 13254 views

Along the Wine Route in Loir-et-Cher, lies a hunting lodge built in 1860. The ivy-covered walls, the eaves alive with singing birds; here you will find a historic residence located just next to the [...]

Les Hautes Roches

Duration: 00:02:53 | 11074 views

Located in the heart of a cliff overlooking the Loire, a unique site in the world (even recognised by UNESCO), this hotel is unlike any other: the Hautes Roches manor is the fi rst luxury cave hotel [...]

Les Deux Abbesses

Duration: 00:02:46 | 3768 views

Lava from volcanoes sculpted the magnificent landscapes of the Midi de l’Auvergne. An improbable fairytale hotel sits in this still wild setting. The heart of this Auvergne lodge, divided up into a [...]

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