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Cliff House Hotel - Bedrooms

Duration: 00:01:39 | 499 views

Overlooking Ardmore Bay, the Cliff House Hotel boasts truly extraordinary architecture: the hotel is literally built on to the side of the cliff . The bar and outdoor terrace, the House Restaurant, [...]

Spa Hotel Jagdhof

Duration: 00:04:10 | 1798 views

At the heart of the pretty resort of Neustift and facing the impressive Stubai glacier, this hotel offers 2,000 sq m dedicated to well-being, with swimming pools, a winter garden and aquatic [...]

Hôtel Le Toiny

Duration: 00:03:53 | 593 views

“True idleness means getting up at 6 am so you have more time to do nothing”, wrote Tristan Bernard. This is the frame of mind that guests tend to develop at Hôtel Le Toiny, a true [...]

Hotel Cala del Porto

Duration: 00:03:32 | 401 views

Mediterranean maquis, pines, white sand beach, deep blue sea and superb golf course are all part of the landscape at Punta Ala, a natural gem of the Maremma inTuscany. The Hotel Cala del Porto enjoys [...]

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa.

Duration: 00:03:43 | 192 views

Located on the magical island of Ischia, in the village of Casamicciola, the Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa is an architectural gem built in the 19th century. This elegant and sophisticated palace, with [...]

Hôtel Londra Palace

Duration: 00:03:47 | 141 views

This historic hotel prides itself on having, over its life of 150 years, received artists and celebrities such as Tchaikovsky, D'Annunzio and Borges, who were captivated by its charm and its dream [...]

L'Arnsbourg-Hotel K

Duration: 00:03:09 | 7216 views

Even if he can’t take the credit for Klein blue, this particular Mr. Klein could also copyright some of his creations His name is Klein and he is the chef of this family-run establishment where [...]

Hotel Stadt Hamburg

Duration: 00:02:37 | 2844 views

In north Germany the island of Sylt rises up out of the North Sea. The largest of the Frisian Islands is connected with the mainland by the Hindenburg Damm causeway. Sylt boasts lush vegetation and [...]

Hôtel Les Sources des Alpes

Duration: 00:02:56 | 2338 views

Il y a des expériences que l’on n’oublie pas, à l’image de ce bain chaud et régénérant dans des eaux thermales en plein air. Autour de vous, la neige immaculée. Massages aux pierres [...]

Hotel Dollenberg

Duration: 00:03:08 | 12274 views

In the Guest Book of the Hotel Dollenburg, one visitor wrote, “What a shame you can’t cuddle a hotel”. You are sure to have the same tender thoughts when you enjoy the hospitable [...]

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