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Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

Duration: 00:08:09 | 3123 views

In the heart of the “Japanese Alps”, near Nagano, discover the secret charms of Tobira Onsen Myojinkan. Established in 1931, this little jewel of a hotel is tucked away in the calm and [...]


Duration: 00:03:10 | 1363 views

It is said that the great teacher of Japanese Buddhism, Kobo Daishi, bathed each morning in the river Katsura and emerged with his mind and body purified. A few minutes from this river, the hotel [...]

Maison Troisgros

Duration: 00:02:53 | 2703 views

“Our profession entails the permanent quest for the finest products. The extraordinary nature of a dish comes down to so few things...”. When Michel Troisgros removes his toque for a few seconds [...]

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