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Oustau de Baumanière

Duration: 00:02:59 | 12289 views

Everything is magical and generous here: the light, the rocks, the landscape, the crickets, the olive trees…”. In love with “his” Provence, Jean-André Charial talks [...]

Le Prieuré

Duration: 00:02:50 | 13337 views

Owners of two other establishments in this region that they love so passionately, Geneviève and Jean-André Charial have revived this former convent with wonderful restoration work and decoration. [...]

La Cabro d'Or

Duration: 00:03:04 | 11948 views

The deep blue Provence sky casts a fond eye on this marvel crafted by Jean-André and Geneviève Charial, the more pastoral but equally exceptional version of the Oustau de Baumanière (see previous [...]

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