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Cobblers Cove

Duration: 00:02:18 | 7608 views

Marble floors, painted furniture, antique sofas and cushions embroidered with gold thread: the interiors of Cobblers Cove on Barbados envelop you in English elegance just a few steps away from a fine [...]


Duration: 00:02:36 | 3224 views

Villino, a small villa and an exquisite hotel with award-winning cuisine was created for guests who appreciate and enjoy what is exceptional. This little jewel is located above Lindau, in the heart of [...]

Schlosshotel Igls

Duration: 00:04:39 | 1007 views

On the sun-drenched Igls plateau overlooking Innsbruck, the customer is king in the truest sense of the term. In the rooms and suites, in the spa or during a meal fit for a prince, our absolute [...]

Landgoed Hotel Het Roode Koper

Duration: 00:01:59 | 1983 views

The Sörensen family warmly welcomes guests to the estate of Het Roode Koper, a mansion once owned by the Count of Dutch-Indonesia. Surrounded by classical English gardens and the lovely woods of [...]

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