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Matakauri Lodge

Duration: 00:02:56 | 1719 views

On Lake Wakatipu, in one of the most serene landscapes in the world, the Matakauri Lodge offers stunning views of the mountain ranges. Each of the 11 beautiful suites has a private porch, bedroom with [...]

Sheen Falls Lodge

Duration: 00:06:42 | 5892 views

The bustling town of Kenmare with its colourful streets is one of the spots in Ireland that the Irish themselves like best. Surrounded by purple heather-coloured mountains and cascading blue waters [...]

Singita Boulders Lodge

Duration: 00:01:15 | 4482 views

Singita Boulders Lodge offers you luxuriant nature on the doorstep of the Sabi Sand wildlife reserve, which is one of the finest in all of South Africa. Its twelve sumptuous, authentic and refined [...]

Summer Lodge Country House & Spa

Duration: 00:03:03 | 2853 views

Deep in the heart of the rolling Wessex countryside and only a short drive from the dramatic rocks and fossils of the world renowned Jurassic Coast, little has changed from the days it was [...]

Otahuna Lodge

Duration: 00:02:59 | 1121 views

Established in a 19th century Victorian residence, Otahuna Lodge seamlessly knits past and present together: period woodwork, stained glass windows and 15 working fireplaces provide the [...]

Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Duration: 00:01:21 | 467 views

The Serengeti plain is a 60 000 km2 savannah between Kenya and Tanzania. Every year, it becomes the theatre for the migration of thousands of animals including zebras, gazelles and black wildebeest [...]

Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet

Duration: 00:03:26 | 1803 views

Lake Wanaka is an ecological sanctuary and one of New Zealand’s best preserved sites. On its banks stands this private and modern retreat with glass architecture to ensure that it blends [...]

Camp Jabulani

Duration: 00:26:03 | 830 views

To obtain an understanding of Africa, you need to see it, touch it, and really feel it. Because above all, it is a living, breathing land and a spirit that awakens the senses. This is the unique [...]

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Retreat

Duration: 00:10:07 | 1891 views

Its 130 rock art sites and caves that allow you to see what the Bushmen have painted over the ages make this national heritage site “one of the largest open air art galleries in the world”. You [...]

Camp Jabulani

Duration: 00:02:02 | 937 views

Deep in the heart of the private reserve of Kapama, this camp is named after the first baby elephant which was abandoned and brought to the owners for rehabilitation. He was subsequently adopted, [...]

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