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Hôtel et Spa de la Bretesche

Duration: 00:03:10 | 5824 views

Next to a 15th century castle, this 200-hectare property steeped in history, skilfully combines comfort and hospitality. Five truly unforgettable atmospheres are found here: a hotel in harmony with [...]

Le Fort de l'Océan

Duration: 00:03:09 | 4994 views

On the Croisic peninsula is a historical gem: for the past four centuries, this granite fort has stood guard over the moods of the sea. The ramparts, moats and drawbridges are all still there. Built [...]

Castel Marie-Louise

Duration: 00:03:08 | 3900 views

Its six kilometres of fine sand have made the beach at La Baule one of the most beautiful promenades on the Atlantic coast. Opposite this beach sits the Belle �oque manor where every detail is [...]

Anne de Bretagne

Duration: 00:03:02 | 2299 views

On the sand dunes, facing the charming port of La Gravette|, Anne de Bretagne is a contemporary seaside villa with striking North-American inspired architecture, perfectly placed to enjoy the best of [...]

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