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Château d'Adoménil

Duration: 00:02:55 | 9587 views

It didn’t feel like you’d changed settings when you went from Versailles to Lunéville”, as Voltaire wrote about this history-laden place. A stone’s throw from the Baccarat crystal works, this [...]

L'Arnsbourg-Hotel K

Duration: 00:03:09 | 7284 views

Even if he can’t take the credit for Klein blue, this particular Mr. Klein could also copyright some of his creations His name is Klein and he is the chef of this family-run establishment where [...]

Au Soldat de l'An 2

Duration: 00:02:40 | 5627 views

The sensuousness and harmony of the culinary experience served up by Georges Schmitt come as something of a surprise. Between his renowned foie gras, Breton lobster, truffle mousseline and the full [...]

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