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Domaine de Rochevilaine

Duration: 00:03:03 | 5627 views

A vast, typically Breton area can be found in Morbihan, on the Vilaine estuary, at the tip of Pen-Lan. A site born of architectural prowess: these historic manors were taken apart stone by stone and [...]

Château de Locguénolé

Duration: 00:03:01 | 6656 views

A door leads out to the ocean and to a private dock for immediate boarding. Sailing between Lorient and the island of Groix is an unforgettable experience and just one of the many pleasures in store [...]

Castel Clara

Duration: 00:03:02 | 5215 views

Belle-Île-en-Mer… “The appropriately-named” island, as the XIXth century poet Eva Jouan remarked about this “Beautiful-Island-at-Sea”. Accessible by boat, this [...]

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