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Romaneira, Quinta dos Sonhos

Duration: 00:03:07 | 3776 views

Welcome to Romaneira, the “quinta dos Sonhos” (house of dreams in Portuguese)! An estate which stretches over 400 hectares, on the banks of the river Douro. There are no telephones, no [...]

Hotel A Quinta da Auga

Duration: 00:03:06 | 4708 views

In 2003, the Lorenzo García family fell in love with an 18th century paper factory and decided to restore it in line with the principles of environmental sustainability. On more than 1 hectare, [...]

Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas

Duration: 00:03:01 | 1882 views

On one side an 18th century palace, on the other a most modern building, designed by one of Portugal’s most reputed architects… These houses are a perfect blend of traditional and modern. [...]

Casa da Calçada

Duration: 00:03:19 | 4753 views

The lemon yellow façades of the Casa da Calçada are a clue to the sunny stay that awaits you at this hotel. Situated at the heart of the town of Amarante, between the bustle of Porto and the [...]

Casa Velha do Palheiro

Duration: 00:03:14 | 3823 views

On the volcanic soil of Madeira - “the pearl of the Atlantic” - this former hunting lodge is a perfect example of the local tradition of “quintas”, lordly manor houses [...]

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