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Le Moût Restaurant

Duration: 00:01:54 | 1 views

Le Moût, creation of Grand Chef Lanshu Chen, is a highlight of Taiwan’s gastronomic scene. Situated in the heart of bustling Taichung, the restaurant has garnered international critical [...]

Restaurant Guy Lassausaie

Duration: 00:02:37 | 530 views

When, in 1984, Guy Lassausaie took over a restaurant founded eighty years earlier by his great-grandfather, he became the fourth generation to man the kitchens of this former coaching inn. He brings [...]

Restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri

Duration: 00:03:07 | 1871 views

Grand Chef Annie Féolde cooks innovative Italian cuisine, drawing heavily on local products. Great wines chosen by sommelier Giorgio Pinchiorri, her life companion for the past forty years, [...]

Cliff House Hotel - Restaurant

Duration: 00:01:03 | 796 views

Overlooking Ardmore Bay, the Cliff House Hotel boasts truly extraordinary architecture: the hotel is literally built on to the side of the cliff . The bar and outdoor terrace, the House Restaurant, [...]

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie

Duration: 00:02:52 | 813 views

At the iconic Gleneagles Hotel in beautiful Perthshire, Grand Chef Andrew Fairlie operates his eponymous restaurant. Located an hour from the coast, and surrounded by many small farms, Fairlie [...]

Restaurant L’Oasis

Duration: 00:04:11 | 880 views

A CLEAR LIGNE L’Oasis is kwon for his legendary patio, its green surroundings and murmur of water, its veranda and its gleaming kitchen. For its elegance and intimacy too. But in the eighteen years [...]

Restaurant Apicius

Duration: 00:03:01 | 5172 views

“Cooking well relies on a clear head, a generous spirit and an open heart”… This “maxim” from Paul Gauguin applies itself marvellously in Jean-Pierre Vigato’s [...]

Hôtel et restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon

Duration: 00:03:07 | 4056 views

With its panorama open to the horizons of the Valleys of Ardèche and Mont du Velay, this is the new hotel of Régis and Jacques Marcon with a new environment which has received “Ecolabel” [...]

Michel Rostang Restaurant

Duration: 00:03:09 | 2596 views

In an utterly charming atmosphere, Michel Rostang celebrates 30 years of inspiration, taste and passion for fine dining. Constantly in pursuit of perfection, his cuisine is a reflection of his [...]

Restaurant Richard et Christopher Coutanceau

Duration: 00:03:08 | 1898 views

“It seems that being born a Coutanceau means being born to cook”, remarked Joël Robuchon one day. At the La Rochelle restaurant, father and son form a pair of unequalled chefs. Christopher, the [...]

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