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Doug King - Tennis pro at Meadowood Napa Valley

Duration: 00:02:07 | 405 views

The Mediterranean climate and extremely fertile soil of Napa Valley make it one of the most prestigious wine producing areas in the United States, with a viticultural heritage dating back to the 19th [...]

Longueville Manor

Duration: 00:03:12 | 1954 views

 It was on the island of Jersey that exiled French author Victor Hugo wrote some of his most beautiful poems. This is readily understandable upon visiting this magical island edged by wild beaches. A [...]

Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux

Duration: 00:03:10 | 1671 views

 Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux is situated on the edge of the Muirfield championship golf course with breathtaking views over East Lothian and the Firth of Forth in Scotland, just a short drive from [...]

Ballyfin Demesne

Duration: 00:03:28 | 2715 views

 One step inside the sprawling grounds of this historic Regency mansion house, one of the most lavish in Ireland, and an air of tranquillity takes hold. Classical grandeur meets with a landscape of [...]


Duration: 00:07:02 | 14702 views

As if by magic, the ceiling of your room retracts and you gaze up at the stars from the comfort of your own bed. This is just one of the many unusual enchanting features of this former manor, tucked [...]

Restaurante - Hotel Ferrero

Duration: 00:03:20 | 13376 views

Between the mountains of the Sierra de Mariola, in a unique vegetation with aromatic herbs, this 19th century farm has been converted into an elegant haven of peace. The innovative treatments in [...]

Château de Courcelles

Duration: 00:02:36 | 11589 views

Legend has it that Jean Cocteau designed the castle’s staircase… This “rumour” speaks volumes about the attention to detail in this palace where French literary figures [...]

Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

Duration: 00:03:03 | 7785 views

Looking out toward the sea, colourful villas conceal dreamlike suites, with their small private pools, their views of the big blue ocean, and, of particular note, their outdoor showers. Exotic woods [...]

Lower Slaughter Manor

Duration: 00:02:51 | 7308 views

In one room, the decor is a deluge of crystals. In another, a sea of cushions. Opulent, gently lit, with wall hangings and sofas everywhere, Lower Slaughter Manor envelops you in its warmth and [...]

Château de Berne

Duration: 00:03:01 | 7183 views

Set in the middle of a luxuriant vineyard, the Château de Berne enjoys a protected estate of 600 hectares where almost 500,000 bottles of wine are produced every year. This wine-growing temple [...]

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