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Hôtel Victoria

Duration: 00:03:01 | 1503 views

For Toni and Barbara Mittermair, “guests don’t come to the hotel, they come to our home”. This home is beautifully located on the banks of Lake Geneva, with snowy mountain peaks behind. It is a [...]

Ynyshir Hall

Duration: 00:03:10 | 5039 views

This imposing white manor house used to belong to Queen Victoria who left her imprint on the decor and gardens and loved this part of the kingdom because of the abundance of birds flying in from the [...]

Inverlochy Castle

Duration: 00:03:05 | 2289 views

The mysterious waters of the lochs, surrounded by the misty mountains that rise out of the earth in this part of Scotland, never fail to plunge the visitor into a gentle dreaminess and an atmosphere [...]

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